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In an effort to further improve the investment climate in Tanzania, the Government decided recently to review the Tanzania Investment Promotion Policy of February 1990. The New Investment Policy was approved by the Government in October 1996.

The new Policy underlines the following:
  • Maximum mobilization and utilization of domestic capacity including cooperation with other developing countries as well as industrialised countries
  • Maximum promotion of exports of goods and services to enhance the development of a dynamic and competitive export sector The encouragement of inflows of external resources to complement national efforts
  • Encouragement and facilitation of the adoption of new technologies in activities that especially have a direct bearing on productivity, quality and increased competitiveness
  • Enhancement of transparent legal framework that facilitates the promotion and protection of all investments
  • Deregulation of the investment approval process
  • Re-defines the role of the private sector and puts it into a more central role
  • Creates a balance between administrative controls and market forces as a means of allocating resources
  • Re-emphasize political pluralism to enhance democracy
  • Rededicates the nation'sadherence to Rule of Law

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Unfolding and unlimited opportunities for business, investment, tourism etc.

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  • Tanzania is an emerging economy with a very high growth potential.
  • Tanzania posses vast natural resources and is endowed with unique comparative
  • Tourist's sites in Tanzania are indeed God sent gifts. Visitors to
  • There are three famous tourist circuits in Tanzania. Namely, the Northern
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Tanzania Voted the Best Safari Country of Africa

THE NETHERLANDS - SafariBookings.com conducted an in-depth analysis of 3,061 reviews of safari tourists and acclaimed experts and concluded that both have voted Tanzania as the best safari country of Africa. Over the past two years a distinctive SafariBookings taskforce searched for those who have been on safari and invited them to write a review. As a result, over 1,000 people from 53 nationalities wrote more than 2,300 user reviews.

To complement these user reviews, reputable guidebook authors -working for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommer's, Bradt and Footprint- teamed up in the SafariBookings Expert Panel and wrote 756 expert reviews. The overall average rating of Tanzania in both the user and expert reviews is 4.8 out of 5 stars: the highest score of all 8 major safari countries.

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Ministry of Industry and Trade
Tanzania Central Freight Bureau
Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture
Economic and Social Research Foundation
Small Industries Development Organisation
Tanzania Bureau of Standards
Bank of Tanzania
Centre for International Business Development Services
Confederation of Tanzania Industries
Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
Tanzania Investment Centre
Tanganyika Farmers Association


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